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Hello! We create modern, responsive website design development, branding,
business cards, brochures, and more to tell the world your story on the web and through our marketing products.

Below are the main details about our services that we provide to our clients.
Please feel free to contact us for pricing and any other questions you may have.


Website Design & Development

First of all, we combine your company’s mission, interior settings, and vibes with our creative brain into a full functioning website. We design your website and code it to perfection using responsive website templates, in addition to having easy access with these content management systems. The Content Management System or CMS we use is the WordPress platform to gear my websites. As a result, they are clean, mobile friendly, and most of all, have a variety of plugins which are very useful to site accessibility. Lee & Co. has been working with clients and companies for the past several years building their websites into more professional, functioning designs. Take a look at some of our websites here!


Domain + Hosting

We will set up your domain name url, domain matching email address,
website hosting, and website security with our recommended plan for easy managing purposes.
Our plan allows us to handle the technical stuff for you including server setup, security, backups, even performance optimization.
Then, we can focus our time on designing, managing content and doing what’s important to you for your company’s website.
Therefore, to learn more about our domain and hosting services, here we break down the service in more detail for you to understand better.


Email Marketing

We can create your email marketing newsletters for you. Full design, email campaign, and completely functional. We work best with using AWeber Email Marketing platform to power our newsletter campaigns in addition. We will create, design, and execute your newsletter campaigns monthly. Talk about driving in more web traffic, as a result!


Graphic Design

We don’t only create websites, we also do graphic design for any print project or branding need. Therefore, we will collaborate with you to produce functional marketing pieces to fit your company’s style. For example: business card design, logo design, full company branding, brochure design, etc.
Hence, take a look at some of our graphic design projects. These will include logo designs, menu designs, brochure designs, and more here!


Social Media

In conclusion, we provide ways to interact with your customers through social media. If you need a social medium account created and a social campaign, we can create social graphics matching your products or brand for you to easily post in addition. For example, these account set ups could be Facebook Pages, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and even LinkedIn if needed. Hence, we will also provide social media captions and hashtags with each social graphic created, especially relevant.


Responsive Website Design Development

Website Design & Development + Domain & Hosting Services, email marketing