affordable website design

This is Our Creative Work Flow

Below are the steps we will take you through to ensure your needs are being met,
full understanding of project details, steps are approved before continuing,
and most of all, successfully affordable website design.


Let’s Chat!

Let’s discuss the details about what you are looking for,
your company goals, ideas and your story. I would love to get to know you!


The Plan

Here is where we take the time to go over the proposal for the project.
This will include overall costs, deadlines, and future goals
to keeping your project successful.


Day in the Life of…

Our brains works best logically and creatively as a visual learner.
As a result, pick a day we could shadow you at your company. I would love the tour!
This will especially let us see how daily tasks go to be able to create a full vision of the story about your company.
This helps me understand your company’s vision to be able to portray this within your design projects.


Design, Function & Elements

Here is when we go over the designs, visions, and fundamentals of your project.
This is very visual brainstorm, as I do believe it is easier
for the clients to see real, visual options.


Website Creation

This is when the project is approved by both ends and developing is in process.
The client will receive a temporary website link to view the progress of the website.
Depending on how complicated your site is and your time frames,
this set could take a few weeks.
Let the building begin!


Let it Thrive!

Once the project is launched, results are collected to teach us what the customers want or need. We then readjust and maintain the projects key essentials.
We can create social campaigns, customer interactions, and develop methods to feed the customers. I am able to shadow again, sit in on a meeting, or hang out at your company to trigger new marketing ways and products to help you perform in your company more seamlessly. I am here to help your company grow. Whether it is new technology organizational strategies, new marketing brochures, upcoming events with needed marketing products, we can help prepare you.

We would discuss these future updates and ideas, make a plan, and continue the routine.